Terms & Conditions

    All new AlgaGen customers must submit a completed Application Form, Terms & Conditions form,  Credit Card Authorization Form, and submit a copy of your State Business License (Saltwater Products Retail License or other license related to the aquarium industry) and Sales Tax Exempt Form. Please fill these forms out completely and return by either fax (772-978-1395) or by email to  s

    Our minimum order is $120. We compensate you for shipping costs by sending you additional product with a value that is greater than the shipping costs.  Please have your orders in prior to 1pm EST to insure prompt delivery time. All refused or returned shipments will be subject to both a $20 restocking fee as well as all shipping charges.

    We ship to you from Vero Beach, Florida via UPS/Fedex. Out of state orders are shipped Monday through Wednesday for two day delivery, Thursday for Friday delivery (extra charges apply). Florida orders are processed for UPS/Fedex ground Monday through Thursday for next day delivery. AlgaGen recommends you store and handle AlgaGen Products for use in the recommended manner:
    • No Refrigeration required (please store between 65 and 85 degrees C):
    • All of our Pods are Tropical and should not be refrigerated (except the Tangerine Pod).
    • Coral SmoothieTM, Oyster DelightTM - 1 year shelf life (should be refrigerated after opening)
    • Rotifers – 1 month shelf life

    Refrigeration required:
    • PhycoPureTM Reef Blend – 4 month shelf life
    • PhycoPureTM CopePod Blend – 2 week shelf life
    • PhycoPureTM   Zooxanthellae- 3 month shelf life
    • PhycoPureTM   Greenwater-7 month shelf life
    • Decap’D Brine Shrimp eggs
    • ReefPodTM Tangerine – 8 week shelf life

    New customers are required to have a credit card on file when placing their first order. All items will be billed in United States currency. AlgaGen accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

    AlgaGen products may not be advertised below our Manufacturer Approved Price (see MAP on price list). AlgaGen products are intended for resale only. Repackaging for retail sale is prohibited with the exception of the Live Feeds ProgramTM. Packaged products are not intended for culture. Any retailer that cultures AlgaGen products for resale under their own name or brand or violates the MAP pricing may risk their ability to purchase direct from AlgaGen.   AlgaGen will not be responsible for any issues that arise from a dealer culturing products that were purchased for resale.

    AlgaGen Credit Card Terms and Conditions

    I authorize AlgaGen, LLC to charge my credit card(s) for any amount due. I agree by signing below to personally guarantee to AlgaGen, LLC. any obligations that may become due. Upon acceptance of this application, the client agrees to the payment terms stated by the creditor, AlgaGen, LLC.
      A 1.5% monthly finance charge will apply to any open balances beyond 30 days of delivery of product.
    I understand that any credit authorized by AlgaGen, LLC is made at the sole discretion of AlgaGen, LLC, and may be altered or revoked at any time without cause by AlgaGen, LLC.     AlgaGen, LLC reserves the right to cancel and change terms based on account performance at any time without notice. I agree by signing below to personally guarantee to AlgaGen, LLC any obligations that may become due. I understand that I am fully responsible for any balance on my account, and I am liable for any charges that may be incurred by AlgaGen, LLC as a result of collection and/or legal proceedings.
    In the event that your credit card is declined for a shipment, your order may be placed on hold. We will notify you of any credit hold by phone or email in the event of this occurrence.