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    The handling of LIVE animals is tricky-more of an art. We pack almost every item the day it is order and KNOW that it is in good condition prior to it being shipped. We keep a quality control random sample behind, which gets evaluated at regular intervals as it approached its batch date. We add heat/ice packs as the weather dictates but cannot account for shipping delays or bad attitudes by delivery personnel etc.

    Basically stuff happens and since we stand behind our products let us know if you have concerns about a shipment or individual item you may have received. Below is a general return policy.


    -These product have a smell; ocean or sea vegetable is normal and good
    -Cool/Cold to room temperatures are fine
    -Product settling is ok


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    Live Feeds are the most natural form of feeding possible. They provide a link between the food supply found in nature and what we can reasonably use on a daily level. Live feeds elicit natural feeding responses from your animals and contribute less to nutrient loading caused by overfeeding. Utilizing Live Feeds will bind up excess nutrients, including CO2, commonly found in a reef tank. Live Feeds will help establish a natural ecosystem that will make the tank healthier and stronger.


    For over a decade, AlgaGen has been leading the way with novel and high quality live feeds. Professionals and home hobbyists around the world have used our products with great success. AlgaGen developed a new idea related to feeding, which we believe will result in even more success for the end-user. We call it Easy Feed Packaging™.


    Easy Feed Packaging™ can be used to spot feed manually, or it can be configured to provide a continuous drip of food for your animals. It can drip in the dawn or dusk hours of your tank's cycle to simulate nature and stimulate natural feeding activity. We are actively working on developing new concepts using this approach and will offer advances as they become available on our website. We also sell the Easy Feed Packaging™ by themselves for you to refill.


    We know that in nature, plankton, both phyto- and zooplankton are available at relatively constant and consistent numbers for organisms to feed on. In captive husbandry, it is a challenge to accomplish this wonder of nature. There are not many options found in the marketplace that allows for the delivery of a constant and consistent food/feeding source. This is the reasoning behind AlgaGen's Easy Feed Packaging™.


    Feeding a reef tank is essential and should not be overlooked. Many reef inhabitants have numerous ways of gaining nutrition. Some have symbiotic microalgae living in their tissue while possessing a mouth, gut, and food, capturing appendages and taking in nutritious compounds found in the water through pores in the outer "skin" layer. So cool! They are surviving by any and all means possible!


    AlgaGen's new line of LIVE feeds is produced with the highest level of standards and packaged in a simple way to mimics food availability, the way it is found in nature, at constant and consistent amounts. Easy Feed Packaging™ is easy to use, not expensive, and yields results.


    AlgaGen products (www.algagendirect.com) conform to the highest quality with no fillers, thickeners, dyes, or gels. We are now providing a new and simple way to deliver these feeds to your tank with minimal effort.