Innovative Live Feeding Mimics Natural Feeding for Tanks

    For over a decade, AlgaGen has been leading the way with novel, high quality live feeds that have been used  by professionals and home hobbyists with great success.  We have once again come up with a new idea related to feeding which we believe will result in even more success for the end user. We call it Easy Feed  Packaging™.

    Easy Feed  Packaging™ can be used to manually spot feed or  it can be configured to obtain a drip rate set on a continuous feed.  It can be dripped in the dawn or dusk hours of your tanks cycle to simulate natural feeding activity.  For those of you interested in doing so, an aquarium pump can be fit to the bag via the short port so that a small amount of air keeps the contents of the bag alive and growing.  We are actively working on developing new concepts using this approach and will offer advances as they become available on our website.  We also sell the Easy Feed  Packaging™ by themselves for you to refill, we hope with our products, but other products can be used with these bags as well!

    We know that  in nature, plankton, both phyto- and zooplankton are available at fairly constant and consistent numbers for organisms to feed on.  In captive husbandry there are not many options to create a constant source of food.  Typically you will see bottles of these live products on the shelf.  We have noticed some competitors products are not as dense or stable as they claim. These products recommend feeding a  cap full a day to get good results, and while they do an ok job, it doesn't offer the same benefits of a natural feeding. In nature, food items will drift by with the current, in order for a coral or filter feeder to eat, they have to close in on themselves and open back up to catch more food. In the aquarium with other fish, corals, filter feeders, etc, by the time the organism opens again to catch food, it may have already all been consumed by another organism that is faster, meaning it's not getting as much nutrition as it could. You want your reef to THRIVE, not just survive, displaying the best colors, the best growth, and an overall healthier ecosystem in your own home!

    Hatcheries and individuals sometimes create unique solutions to this problem by creating automatic plankton dosing apparatuses.  Some of these  will grow plankton and feed it to the tank, others will just feed it.  They can be expensive and not simple to set up.

    AlgaGen’s new line of LIVE feeds are produced with the highest level of standards and packaged in a way that is simple to use, and mimics food availability the way it is found in nature;  at constant and consistent amounts.  We call it Easy Feed  Packaging™ because it is easy to use, not expensive and yields superior results.

    Easy Feed  Packaging™ can be a tremendous asset to people who recognize that  feeding a reef can create tremendous results.  On our  website, www.algagendirect.com, not only do we offer the highest quality cultures  with no fillers, thickeners, dyes, or gels, but we are providing a new and simple way to feed your tank and mimic natural feeding responses with minimal effort. 

    We all know that when a tank is put on a cycle of consistency it thrives.  This is the reason a timer is used for light cycles and temperature probes are used to maintain consistent temperatures.  We also test the water to make our water quality is consistent…the addition of food should be handled the same way; it needs to be present in small quantities, consistently, to achieve the best results and not pulsed in, in large quantities whenever it is convenient to do so.
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